gadaSignificance of Bhandara

In accordance with a mythological anecdote, offering of the Bhandara at this shrine yields miraculous wonders, Bhandara is arranging (food)Prasad consisting of Pudding, Puri, vegetabes and other vegetarian eatables the devotee specifically on Sunday in particular and preferably on Tuesday and Saturday or on any other day in general.

The story behind this tradition runs as follows which finds mentions in the thirty ninth part og Gorakhpuran: on his outing of Uttrakhand, Guru Gorakh Nath stayed for a short duration at Dugral (Dogadda) village which is at present Shri Sidhbali Dham where his disciple Pawan Nathis reported to have been dwelling permanently (then nearby inhabitated place was onlyin Bijnor district). A messenger was sent to fetch milk and eatables for the Guru and his retinue in the neighbouring area. Some miscreants misguided Pawan Nath to visit a very poor Brahmin to do the needful saying that the said Brahmin used to serve the saints and seers with milk, curd and eatables with devotion willingly. These mistreats further added that there, he would procure sufficient quantum of required articles. Pawan Nath took their information to be true and reached the dwelling of the poor Brahmin.

As a matter of fact, the Brahmin was too poor to afford all that much to Pawan Nath. He had only one loin cloth on him whom he and his better-half used in turns whenever they happened to go out to fetch water or food. Whenever the Brahmin went out to beg dole, he put on Dhoti and his wife used to wear loin cloth to cover her nakedness. To understand the situation of those days, one requires using imagination, insight and intellect to draw a graphics picture before his mind’s eyes.

Reaching the door steps of the Brahmin, Pawan Nath shouted Alakh Niranjan (Name of Guru Gorakh Nath) to make his presence felt. In view of their pitiable plight, tears rolled down the cheeks of the couple felling their inability to serve Pawan Nath with the required quantum of articles. Seeing the tears in their eyes, Pawan Nath sensed the reality and guessed that the miscreants had played a foul game to make a laugh of the poor couple and thereby insult them.

The Brahmin sent forth as dole a piece of gur (cake made of sugar cane) to Pawan Nath which was left with them the only a remnant. Pawan Nath returned to the Ashram and narrated the incident in its entirely to the Guru. Guru Gorakhnath felt empathy with the poor couple and instructed Pawan Nath to sprinkle water mixed with Ash at the cottage of the poor Brahmin, which turned the Brahmin the richest person in the locality forthwith. This miracle turned unconscious This incident was not concealed to Guru Gorakh Nath without losing time, accompanied by his disciples he reached the Brahmin; water was sprinkled on the faces of the couple and both came back to sense. Guru Gorakh Nath said, “Your sins of the previous birth have come to an end. Now, your luck has risen up”. The happy couple arranged a grand feast known as Bhandara in honour of the Guru and fed all the sages and saints with Pudding, Puri, vegetables and other eatables with love and affection. This was the beginning of the tradition of Bhandara. This tradition has acquired a huge shape today. The believers in the far flung areas are keen to reserve the dates of Bhandara for the days, months and years to come.

भण्डारे आरक्षित कराने हेतेु मन्दिर समिति में पंजिकृत करवाना अति आवश्यक है।