gada Distance, Altitudes & Temperatures

Approximate Road Distances :

Delhi to Kotdwar : 210 kms.
Haridwar to Kotdwar (Via Nazibabad) : 80 kms.
Bijnor to Kotdwar : 56 kms.
Kotdwar to Lansdowne : 37 kms.

Temperatures & Altitudes

 The climate of Kotdwar is generally temperate, although it varies  from tropical; from hot in summers to severely cold, depending upon  the season and the altitude of the specific location. The nearby hilly  regions often get snowfall during winter but the temperature in  Kotdwar is not known to fall below freezing. Summer temperatures  can often reach 43℃ whereas winter temperatures are usually  between 4 and 20℃. During the monsoon season, there is often  heavy and protracted rainfall. Kotdwar and other plains areas of  Uttarakhand see almost as much rainfall as Coastal Maharashtra.Its  altitude is 650 meters from sea level.