gadaIn & Around Kotdwara

Shri Balaji Temple

The Shri Balaji temple is dedicated to Lord Balaji.Situated at the Gokhle marg Kotdwara, the Shri Balaji temple is one of the most important places of worship of the town. Large number of devotees visit the place round the year.

Durga Devi Temple

 A holy place on the bank of Kho river, located at about 9 km from  the main town, the Durga devi temple is one of the most important  places of worship of the town. Durga Devi temple is magnificently  situated on the slant of hill near the road to Pauri.


 Kanva Ashram is an important place both historically and  archaeologically. 14 km from Kotdwar It is believed that Indra, the  king of Gods, was scared by Sage Vishwamitra's meditation, and  sent a beautiful heavenly damsel named Menaka, who finally  succeeded in diverting Vishwamitra's attention. She gave birth to a  girl who later became Shakuntala and married the prince of  Hastinapur. She gave birth to Bharat, the prince after whom India is  named as called Bharatvarsh. Around 10,000 pupils used to get  education in the ashram by Kanva Rishi in ancient times and hence  the ghati is known as Kanvaghati.

Corbet National Park

Entry into India's oldest national park has now include a new gate positioned from Kotdwar area of Pauri district. The new gate help facilitate tourism traffic. Kotdwar Gate has joined the existing six entry gates which span the five tourism zones with Corbett Tiger Reserve: Amadanda, Dhangarhi, Durgadevi, Khara, Kalagarh, and Vatanvasa.