gada Significance Of Sidhbalidham

Uttrakhand the land of god has been sanctified by the presence of spiritual vibration sages and seers have experienced this divine bliss in totality since time immemorial. They have experienced the charms of solitude and celestial bliss. The believer have been blessed with te sound of silence and bliss of the soul. To them, the sond of silence was more effective and eloquent than the words themselves in the tranquillity of these far flung hills.when the aesthetic science touches some plane of intution, it is called mysticism reaches the pinnacle of glory, it is known as spirituality.

In Uttrakhand we have innumerable places of pilgrimage in the serene and benign naked lap of nature. Kedarkhand of Skandapuran says:

कण्वाश्रमं समारभ्य यावत्रन्दगिरिभेवेत्।
तावत्क्षेत्रं परं पुण्यं भुक्तिमु.क्ति. प्रदायकम्।।
कण्वो नाम महातेजा महर्षिर्लोकविश्रुतः।
तस्याश्रमपदे नत्वा भगवन्तं रमापतिम्।।

Right from kanwashram upto Nandagiri was the seat of meditation and penance of the sages and seers. This seat of kanwa maharshi is located near kotdwar. Emperor Bharata was born at kanwasharam. Shri Sidhbali Sidhapeeth is also situated in the vicinity of kanwashram:

कौमुदं नाम तर्तीथ त्रिशु लोकेशु दुर्लभम्।
यत्र स्नात्व नरो विप्र सोमलोके महीयते।।
कात्र्तिके च तथा राधे माघे मार्गषीरे तथा।
स्नानं कुर्वन्ति येप्यत्र ज्ञानादज्ञानतोसपि वा।।
प्राप्नुवन्ति परं स्थान यत्र गत्वा न षोचति।

History tells us that in the ancient time,Kotdwar was known as 'Kaumud Dwar' which was renamed as kotdwar during the british regime.Sidhapeeth Sidhabali is situated at kotdwar. It is said that this sacred place had been seat of penance of the seers of Nath sect. In accordance with a bielief ,there is an account in Gorakh Purana that Guru Gorakhnath, the incarnation of the lord shiva and the founder of Nath sect, happened to be an erudite in occult science who obtained a commitment from Lord Hanuman regarding the safety and care of Sidhapeeth ShriSidhabali. In observance of the said commitment, the lord Hanuman takes care of the welfare of the devotees of Shri Sidhbali.

The union of the Lord Hanuman and Guru Goraknath, this santum sanctorum is called Shri Sidhbali Dham,Saints like Baba Sita Ram ji, Baba Gopal Dasji and Seva Das ji mediated and observed penance at this holy place. At present, Hon'ble Shri Mahant Daleep ji, M.L.A..Lansdowne Constituency, holds the reigns of this pious Dham.

Shri mahant daleep ji enjoys trifarious personality- the tri junction of abstract philosphy, empirical reality and spiritual reflection. Shri guru Nanak Deb ji is said to have spent two nights at Shri Sidhbali Dham. There is huge congregation of devotees drawn from every nook and corner on every sunday in particular.There is a belief that Shri Sidhbali immerses in Samadhi (deep meditation) on all six days of the week and appears only on every sunday. Tuesday and Saturday stand second in preference.Devotees visits this shrine on all the days of the week.